An Uplifting Anti-Cancer Terpene Found in Cannabis
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A Medical, Recreational and Flavourful Terpene
Royal Queen Seeds (RQS), European cannabis breeders, provide an overview of limonene, its medical benefits and studies, and names high limonene strains bred by RQS.
Article | | 2017
A Prominent That's Natural! Terpene
Tisha Casida, advocate for Food and Medicine Freedom and founder of That's Natural!, teaches consumers the benefits of D-Limonene.
Article | | 2018
An Essential Terpene in Nature
Limonene: Definition, chemistry, synthesis, smell, taste, properties, effects, studies, publications, and a list of cannabis strains with high limonene content. Part of Grow Shop's Alchimia Blog, dedicated to the self-cultivation of cannabis.
Article | | 2017
Anti-Cancer Terpene
Gooey Rabinski explains that although human studies are still needed, research has indicated limonene fights cancerous tumours in several ways.
Article | | 2017
Can Limonene Help Cure Breast Cancer?
Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Professor of Psychology at State University of New York, answers Olive Oyl's question: "I heard that limonene helped cure breast cancer. What strains have it?"
Questions & Answers | | 2017
Help for Digestion, Metabolism, Detoxification, Anxiety & Breast Cancer Prevention
Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, states dietary supplements of d-Limonene are fruit sourced and goes on to examine:
Article | | 2013
D-Limonene may cause skin irritation but otherwise appears to be safe for human uses. It is flammable as a liquid and vapour, and is toxic to aquatic life.
Wiki | | 2018
Limonene May Be a Key Component of Cannabis's Effect on Cancer
Dr. Brian Penny, whistleblower, writer, and former business analyst breaks down need-to-know limonene facts, its current uses and its possible future:
Article | | 2016
 Limonene Research
Backing up the medicinal claims for limonene, a cannabis terpene. Discover why research states that consuming limonene can affect allergies, depression, peripheral pain, inflammation, anxiety, anxiety-induced tachycardia, asthma, and cancers. Part of the Cannabis Resource Library by The Cannabis Access Resource and Education Center.
Cannabis Resource Library | | 2018
Limonene, the Zesty, Cancer-Fighting Terpene
Save On Cannabis states "if Limonene had an astrological sign, it would be Libra." Part of Meet the Terpenes, Save on Cannabis' blog.
Article | | 2018
Relieves Depression And Kills Cancer
Gooey Rabinski, cannabis author and photographer, examines the studies demonstrating limonene can lift depression and battle cancer.
Article | | 2017
Terpene Profile
Mitchell Colbert, comedian, writer and medical cannabis patient, informs about limonene's numerous medicinal benefits, its range of commercial and therapeutic uses, and the current research for anxiety, anti-depression, anti-inflammatory, cancer (glioblastoma, prostate, pancreatic, breast, skin), and gastroenteritis.
List | | 2014
Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings
WebMD, an online source for health information, looks at the supplement limonene:
List | | 2009
What Is Limonene and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabis Terpene?
Bailey Rahn, Leafly editor, lists limonene's benefits, effects, and five cannabis strains with potentially limonene-rich terpene profiles.
Article | | 2015
What is the terpene Limonene in medical marijuana?
Medical Jane, an online medical cannabis education and resources, summarizes limonene's definition, sources, uses, properties, and studies.
Questions & Answers | | 2016