Easy to Make Cannabis Topical Recipes
Infused Skincare Recipes
by the cannabis access resource & education center

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The ease of making your own cannabis topical oil or cream appeals to many people. One can use any part of the plant: roots, stalks, stems, fan leaves, flowers, resin, extracts, and seeds. Some recipes require heat and some methods involve long curing times to convert the cannabinoid acids into their non-acid formats.

The medicinal qualities of cannabis dissolve into oil or alcohol. You can fine-tune any topical recipe by adding other beneficial ingredients.

Different carrier bases affect bioavailability. For instance, adding water to creams and lotions compel the phytocannabinoids to penetrate the skin, because skin has a higher lipid concentration than the lotion. On the other hand, an infused oil product will want to hold its phytocannabinoids. To maximize benefits, massage infused oils into the skin or poured into warm bath water.

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Cannabis and Lavender Fizzy Bath Bombs
Enjoy 10 relaxing and pain-relieving 20-minute soaks after mixing up ingredients in THChristi's recipe, and letting the bombs dry for 2 days.
Recipe | triiiches.blogspot.ca | 2014
Cannabis Creams: What are They and How to Make your Own
A recipe for making a cannabis coconut oil or shea butter cream in a slow cooker. 12-14 hours.
Recipe | greenrushdaily.com | 2016
Cannabis Infused Lip Balm Recipe
A two-part lip-balm recipe for soft, non-chapped lips. Step one is to create the coconut cannabis oil.
Recipe | the420shack.com | 2016
Cannabis Infused Sensual Lavender Body Oil Recipe
Jessica Catalano, Professional Cannabis Chef and the pioneer of strain-specific cannabis cuisine, suggests pairing the body oil with the strain, Lavender. The homemade body or bath oil's sandalwood, rose, and bergamot scents combine with Lavender's terpenes to enhance arousal, sensuality and relaxation, all while stimulating production of dopamine and serotonin.
Recipe | massroots.com | 2015
Cannabis Root Salve
Wild Bill's root salve is easier to apply than the cannabis root oil, but it requires a longer time to take effect. Recipe cooks in a crock pot for 4 to 5 hours.
Recipe | oldtimemeds.blogspot.ca | 2013
Cannabis Root Topical Oil
Dizledot tells us how to extract a topical oil from dehydrated cannabis roots for treating arthritis or muscle pain. Time to completion is 1-2 months.
Recipe | oldtimemeds.blogspot.ca | 2011
How to Make a Cream
Learn how to create a herbal topical cream demonstrated by Rickvanman, then try your hand using cannabis as the main herb. Part of the Herbalism Basics series. [6:06 min.]
Video | Rickvanman - Variety Channel | 2011
How to Make a Weed Face Mask
This recipe combines ripe avocado with either cannabis oil or hempseed oil for healthy glowing skin.
Recipe | http://herb.co | 2015
How to Make CannaBalm
A detailed procedure for making a cannabis salve, by dissolving herbal cannabis, hash or cannabis hash oil into a shea butter, coconut oil or beeswax base. Additional ingredients are optional.
Recipe | cannabis.info | 2013
How to Make CannaBalm
A very quick recipe from Cannabis Info: 15 minutes to decarb the cannabis and 25 in a double boiler to infuse the coconut oil. Strain. Add beeswax and fragrance. Set into jar.
Recipe | cannabis.info | 2017
How to Make Cannabis Arthritis Balm
This recipe tutorial makes a semi-soft infused pain cream containing cannabinoids in their carboxylic acid states. Care is needed to prevent decarboxylation. [13:01 min.]
Video Recipe | GrowGreenerGuru | 2013
How to Make Cannabis Lube
Recipes call for adding oils, dried fruit, aromatics, and decarbed cannabis into a zip-seal bag then placing bag into a water bath for 4 hours. Recipes: Avocuddle Lube; Spiced Mango Massage Oil.
Recipe | hightimes.com | 2017
How to Make Cannabis Topical Ointment
Jordan shows us his favourite, quick recipe using reclaim. Also known as reburn it is the resin that accumulates on the inside of your oil rig. Reclaim has the potential of being 50% decarboxylated cannabinoids in volume. [8:07 min.]
Video Recipe | Cannabis Lifestyle TV | 2016
How to Make Hemp Salve in Pressure Cooker
The advantages of using a pressure cooker are speed and lack of smell. The cannabis decarboxylation and salve cooking is done inside pressure cooker. An adaptation of Auntie Bushka's Homemade Hemp Salve.
Recipe | mrnice.nl | 2010
How to Make your own Beard Oil
Basic beard oil is relatively simple to make and combines carrier oils, such as hemp seed oil, along with optional essential oils.
Recipe | thebeardandthewonderful.com | 2016
How To Make your very own Green Lion Salve
A combination of eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, lavender, tea tree, wintergreen, peppermint, and cinnamon oils add both heating and cooling effects to cannabis-infused olive oil. Recipe from Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club.
Recipe | cannabislifenetwork.com | 2017
Make your own Cannabis Lubricant
Corinne Tobias, an organic farmer, photographer, writer, edibles cook and Cannabliss yoga teacher, provides a homemade pre-lube spray recipe. Apply 45 minutes to an hour before sex. May also be used as massage oil.
Recipe | merryjane.com | 2016
Making Cannabis Cream and Lotion Naturally
Primo demonstrates mixing a reduced cannabis tincture into hand lotion and explains that the remaining alcohol can cause stinging on open wounds. [7.43 min.]
Video Recipe | cookingwithgrass.com | 2013
Poor Man's Salve: Medical Cannabis Salve
Tim joins Dr. William Ortiz, Geriatrician at The Health Cllinic, to demonstrate a salve recipe that takes 2 days to complete. [18:35 min.]
Video Recipe | Dr. William Ortiz | 2017
Quick and Easy Cannabis Salve
A non-greasy cannabis salve recipe for relieving muscle pain and for soothing dry, itchy skin.
Recipe | wakeandbakecookbook.com | 2016
The Super Healing Cannabis Skin Salve Recipe
Basic salve recipe requires equal parts buds, stems, trimmings, and/or roots to coconut oil. Use as a skin moisturizer and for relief from muscle and joint pains.
Recipe | the420shack.com | 2011
The VICS Salve Recipe
The Vancouver Island Compassion Society's salve recipe yields roughly 525 ml. Apply when needing mild pain relief. [PDF 1p]
Recipe | thevics.com | 2010
Topical Cannabis Poultice Recipe
One of the ways to use cannabis to treat a local skin infection is as a poultice.
Recipe | oldtimemeds.blogspot.ca | 2011