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Cannabis Act: Reviews and Analyses
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Understanding Bill #C45, the Cannabis Act #cdnpoli #Legalization

Bill C-45, an Act respecting cannabis and to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and other Acts, was introduced to the Canadian House of Commons on April 13, 2017. The Cannabis Act, when enacted, provides legal access to cannabis and controls and regulates its production, distribution, and sale.

At first, the provisions of this Act were proposed to receive Royal Assent and to come into force on, or before, July 1st, 2018. As we get closer to the summer of 2018, we learn the sale of cannabis for adult use will not come into force at the same time the bill receives Royal Assent.

The response from the cannabis community to Bill C-45 has been brisk. Canadians will be affected in many ways.

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A High Level Overview
Matt Maurer, Chair of Minden Gross LLP's Cannabis Law Group, provides Cannabis Act highlights:
Overview | | 2017
Bill C-45 - Overview
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety answers the following questions:
Fact Sheet | | 2017
Bill C-45 aka The Cannabis Act
Hot Button Topic: Canada Sort Of Announces Legal Cannabis… But Not Really. Episode #10 of TheCannaisseur, Legalese To English Translation, details why Canadians are upset with the proposed laws and punishments. [18:43 min.]
Video | | 2017
Breaking Ground: Canada's Cannabis Framework
Eileen M. McMahon, Teresa A. Reguly, Manpreet Singh, and Yu Seon Gadsden-Chung present their findings:
Information | | 2017
Canada's Proposed Cannabis Act
Highlights from Bill C-45 authored by Matt Maurer and Whitney Abrams:
Overview | | 2017
Canada's Proposed Cannabis Act: A summary
Awanish Sinha and Matthew Kelleher, McCarthy Tétrault LLP, list the 10 most notable aims of the Act:
Summary | | 2017
Canadian Cannabis Proposed Licensing System Revealed
Matt Maurer, Minden Gross LLP, examines the number of different types of licenses and sub-licenses the Government is proposing to establish allowing for cultivation, processing, sale to public, analytical testing, imports and exports, and research.
Article | | 2017
Concerns over Legalization from Both Sides of the Aisle
Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould answers questions at the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights May 2017 meeting on Bill C-45. Reported by David Brown, formerly Director of Communications at Lift, and editor of Lift News.
Article & Video | | 2017
Draft Cannabis Act Released by Canadian Federal Government
Cameron A. Mingay, Emily Larose, and Jonathan Sherman highlight the Cannabis Act:
Review | | 2017
Examining the Impact of Decriminalizing or Legalizing Cannabis for Recreational Use
McMaster Health Forum's 30-day reponse rapid synthesis [PDF 48p], was informed by systematic reviews, non-systematic literature reviews, a program evaluation, and primary studies. This rapid synthesis incorporated global and local research evidence about a question submitted to the McMaster Health Forum's Rapid Response program:
Rapid Synthesis | | 2017
Federal Government Introduces Bill to Legalize Cannabis
Jacqueline J. Luksha outlines permitted and prohibited activities if Bill-45 passes. Plus, if passed, several other statutes will need consequential amendments.
Review | | 2017
Federal Government Introduces Cannabis Legislation
Alexis Levine and Alice Tseng expand upon:
Article | | 2017
Good First Step
An open letter to Bill Blair, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, penned by Anindya Sen, Professor of Economics and Director of the Master of Public Service Program at the University of Waterloo.
Letter | | 2017
Harsh New Offences; Money Laundering; Why Cannabis Stores can't get Bank Accounts; Role of Organized Crime
Christine Duhaime reviews Canada's newly proposed Cannabis Act:
Review & Analysis | | 2017
Health Canada Releases Consultation Paper on the Regulation of Cannabis
Andrew J. Wilder, Partner, Co-lead Cannabis Group and Yale Hertzman, Associate, outline regulatory proposals and consider the proposals with respect to licensing, permits and authorizations and security clearances.
Consultation Document | | 2017
Health Canada Releases Consultation Paper on the Regulation of Cannabis
Andrew J. Wilder, Yale Hertzman, and Vlad Mihaescu, of Torkin Manes, consider the proposals in the Consultation Paper related to:
Article | | 2018
High Times for Recreational Cannabis in Canada
Charlie Malone, Danny Kharazmi, and Jeff Hergott summarize key provisions of the proposed Cannabis Act (bill C-45):
Legal Update | | 2017
Highlights of Canada's Proposed Cannabis Act
Points covered by Michael Watts, Mark Austin, Hannah Kingdom, and Arlene Mack:
Review | | 2017
Introduction to the Cannabis Act: Questions and Answers
Wendy Little and Eric Nash, industry advisors,, examine Bill C-45 through a question and answer format.
Questions & Answers | | 2017
Legal Weed Could Mean a Worker Shortage in Canada
Jen Skerritt and Kevin Orland canvassed Canadian industries about their safety concerns regarding cannabis legalization. For instance, employers who drug-test job candidates worry there will be fewer applicants clean enough to hire.
Article | | 2018
Myths About Cannabis Legalization in Canada: We Debunk the Myths
Questions & Answers | | 2018
Proposal to Legalize Marijuana: What Does this Mean for Employers?
Christina Catenacci highlights key areas in the Cannabis Act affecting employers:
Article | | 2017
Q&A Legal Marijuana in Canada
Cannabis 101, an online forum, asks and answers forty-one questions about the Cannabis Act.
Questions & Answers | | 2018
Risks We Need to Talk About
Bethan Moorcraft looks into how cannabis legalization could affect the insurance industry.
Article | | 2017
The Cannabis Act: An Overview
An overview from Joey Mastrogiuseppe, Scott Rozansky, Jacqueline Rowniak, and Kristopher Miks. Topics covered:
Overview | | 2017
The Cannabis Act; An Overview
Lift Resource Centre answers the following:
Questions & Answers | | 2017
Update Concerning the Legalization of Marijuana
Federal and provincial developments and updates provided by Christina Catenacci, Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Western Ontario:
Article | | 2018